🔮 Kayla Marie

Uplifting Tarot Reader, Reiki master + Life Coach


Tarot, Astrology, and reiki are tools I love to use to bring empowerment and clarity to those I read for and coach. Uplifting tarot a method I created to remind people of their personal power. After reading and having had readings from amazing readers- I truly believe we are creators- and the life we desire longs to be created by us. Sometimes we are pulled off our path by our own insecurities, by others opinions, or a belief that what we want is “impossible”. Uplifting Tarot and Reiki creates space where you can come back to your self, and give yourself permission to be you.
​Ps. You are intuitive, and can tune into your own inner guiding system at all times, I’m happy to reflect what you already know “deep down”.

Tarot, reiki and astrology are a spiritual practice, and most of it is metaphorical, ultimately how you interpret and apply it is at your own discretion, I am not liable for the advice shared in any session.